One of the biggest head aches and costs for a Sportive organiser is Chip Timing. All events need it, the hassle when a riders time is missed is a nightmare and to establish a good relationship with the chip timing supplier is key to the success of your event.

At Ride Timing we are great at making all of this a doddle!

We assign a member of our team to you from start to finish. He is there to work with you through your entries, getting the signing on sheets set up, planning the day and then turning up and helping you out with some great value accurate timing. After the event he’s there to help with any rider queries, certificate printing and anything else that might come up!

Ride timing believe we are there to help you deliver the best event possible. Experienced organisers want us to turn up, do as we are told and follow their system. Less experienced teams want guiding, some pointers and tips on how to make the event go well. Any way of working is fine by us, we are there to help you.

Your timing consultant will arrive on the day in branded clothing and set up the timing equipment. He’ll work with your signing on team to manage rider registration and if requested he’ll bring all the signing on sheets with him.

Our Sportive chips are passive RFID and are attached to the rider number. We can use our reusable chips which are attached to our rider numbers, this works really well as there is only one item to handout and get back at the start and end of the ride.

Alternatively we can use disposable chips on your numbers or we can provide bespoke rider numbers for you with the chip pre attached. We can attach chips to your existing numbers and if we are timing a series of events for you this works really well. We can attach chips to the rider fork as well or helmet, we just need to know in advance. The cost will vary, our reusable numbers offer the best value to you.

The timing consultant will assist with signing on until the ride starts, he will then be based with the timing equipment. We set up at the start/ finish line in our van and are totally self-sufficient throughout the day.

At the end of the ride riders can scan their chip and a receipt with the rider time is printed immediately. We give you a basic excel file with all the times on before we leave and all of the times are instantly uploaded to our results website and the certificate printing system.

Riders can log on and print a certificate at any time after the event.

We have timed a huge amount of Sportives and appreciate how challenging the day is for you. We are there to take all the pressure off the organising team and deliver seamless accurate timing at a great price with some nice additional features that the riders will love.

The cost is simple, £300 event fee and £1 per rider chip fee. If you want us to staff a remote station it’s an additional £150, if you opperate the iPad, the remote station is free.

Please email us for a no hassle quote

See our ‘Event Extras‘ page for more details on our bolt ins, many of which are free to add to your event.