EVENTS > Prince of Wales Hospice 10k June 17th, 2018

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Aaron Johnston 00:43:09.87MaleMail Icon
Abigail Simpson 00:56:07.10FemaleMail Icon
Adam Hall 01:04:46.78MaleMail Icon
Adam Wrigglesworth 00:50:18.45MaleMail Icon
Adam Wigley 00:46:39.28MaleMail Icon
Adele WalkerDNSSweatshop castlefordFemaleMail Icon
Adrian Berry 01:18:20.49MaleMail Icon
Adrian KotDNSMaleMail Icon
Alan Marshall 00:47:01.83Selby stridersMaleMail Icon
Alastair Swift 01:07:17.38MaleMail Icon
Alex ThompsonDNSMaleMail Icon
Alexandra FoxDNSFemaleMail Icon
Alice Lee 01:21:20.88FemaleMail Icon
Alison John-BaptisteDNSAckworth Road RunnersFemaleMail Icon
Alison Berry 01:04:46.44FemaleMail Icon
Alistair McGrath 01:07:01.89MaleMail Icon
Alistair Wilkie 00:42:10.21MaleMail Icon
Ally Long 00:51:21.91MaleMail Icon
Amanda Astbury 01:12:43.71PontefractFemaleMail Icon
Amanda Bryant 01:08:53.77Rothwell HarriersFemaleMail Icon
Amanda Robinson 01:01:09.36FemaleMail Icon
Amanda Walsh 01:11:38.17FemaleMail Icon
Andrew Twist 00:50:57.11MaleMail Icon
Andrew Tomlinson 00:43:10.95York Knavesmire HarriMaleMail Icon
Andrew Bishop 00:58:01.72Pudsey PacersMaleMail Icon
Andrew MortonDNSBody Works MailingMaleMail Icon
Andrew Denton 00:50:16.20MaleMail Icon
Andrew Archer 00:52:50.01Ponte gravy A.C.MaleMail Icon
Andrew HartleyDNSMaleMail Icon
Andrew Russell 01:03:39.26Methley StridersMaleMail Icon
Andrew Harris 00:38:18.11Nidd Valley Road RunnMaleMail Icon
Andy Ruddock 00:52:58.14MaleMail Icon
Andy Sweet 00:47:53.15MaleMail Icon
Andy Darby 01:24:18.08Crossgates HarriersMaleMail Icon
Angela Richardson 00:50:15.25FemaleMail Icon
Anita Sharp 01:14:52.54FemaleMail Icon
Anj Hollingworth 01:05:58.51FemaleMail Icon
Ann WhiteleyDNSFemaleMail Icon
Anna Ward 00:51:58.62FemaleMail Icon
Anna Stones 00:52:26.07Rothwell HarriersFemaleMail Icon
Annabelle McGuireDNSFemaleMail Icon
Anthony Howarth 01:07:42.41MaleMail Icon
Anthony Foreman 00:42:43.99Sutton in Ashfield HaMaleMail Icon
Anthony Petit 01:03:29.79MaleMail Icon
Archie Sissons 01:01:55.73Cardiac athletesMaleMail Icon
Arek KielkowiczDNSMaleMail Icon
Arkadiusz KielkowiczDNSMaleMail Icon
Arron TordoffDNSMaleMail Icon
Arthur Daw 00:55:22.96MaleMail Icon
Ash Rawson 00:44:57.25MaleMail Icon
Ashley HornDNSPontefract ACMaleMail Icon
Ashraf Fizin 01:10:59.83RunnerMail Icon
Avril Hendlesby 01:22:22.96AvrilFemaleMail Icon
Barry DownesDNSMaleMail Icon
Ben Lord 00:44:17.13MaleMail Icon
Ben Bullough 01:07:33.30MaleMail Icon
Ben HowleyDNSMaleMail Icon
Benjamin Wilson 00:53:38.10DSDMaleMail Icon
Beth Laycock 01:00:38.06FemaleMail Icon
Beth Eades 01:17:32.50FemaleMail Icon
Beth Gripton 00:50:10.51Rodillian RunnersFemaleMail Icon
Bev Parker 01:26:14.68FemaleMail Icon
Bev Green 01:01:59.67FemaleMail Icon
Brent Carlin 00:39:19.75Rodillian RunnersMaleMail Icon
Brenton Riley 01:03:58.25MaleMail Icon
Brian Smetham 01:06:25.39MaleMail Icon
Brian Colman 01:00:59.74MaleMail Icon
Cameron Chatton 00:46:59.54#ForTheAnimalsMaleMail Icon
Carl Farrow 00:45:29.85MaleMail Icon
Carla Bird 01:21:01.34FemaleMail Icon
Carol Devins 01:20:59.16FemaleMail Icon
Carole Powell 01:08:44.73Sweatshop CastlefordFemaleMail Icon
Caroline FergussonDNSFemaleMail Icon
Caroline FergussonDNSFemaleMail Icon
Caroline Eames 01:02:41.05FemaleMail Icon
Caroline Haigh 01:02:09.55FemaleMail Icon
Caroline Swinson 00:53:25.68FemaleMail Icon
Carrie Clarke 01:17:25.60FemaleMail Icon
Cat Murphy 01:08:50.23FemaleMail Icon
Catherine Henry 00:54:11.21FemaleMail Icon
Catherine Simpson 01:05:04.21FemaleMail Icon
Charlene Wigley 00:54:26.66FemaleMail Icon
Charles Boswell 00:48:34.38Barnsley HarriersMaleMail Icon
Charlotte Bland 00:57:01.75Methley StridersFemaleMail Icon
Chelsey Burnell 01:35:24.12FemaleMail Icon
Cherry FranksDNSFemaleMail Icon
Cheryl McGregorDNSFemaleMail Icon
Chris Reevell 00:50:04.74MaleMail Icon
Chris StruttDNSMaleMail Icon
Chris Fletcher 01:02:35.08MaleMail Icon
Chris Pearson 00:46:26.07Methley StridersMaleMail Icon
Chris Wood 00:53:35.92MaleMail Icon
Christina Barron 01:08:50.49Askern District RCFemaleMail Icon
Christine Morton 00:56:01.04FemaleMail Icon
Christine Hall 01:11:46.01Ackworth Road runnersFemaleMail Icon
Christine Taylor 01:07:16.80SRC CastlefordFemaleMail Icon
Christopher Parker-Haim 00:50:09.39Rothwell HarriersMaleMail Icon
Christopher Hirst 00:45:57.30Sheffield RCMaleMail Icon
Claire Needham 00:59:33.86FemaleMail Icon
Claire BoswellRichard Kendall EstatFemaleMail Icon
Claire Joss 00:56:07.57Richard Kendall EstatFemaleMail Icon
Claire Keighley 01:04:59.29FemaleMail Icon
Claire Whitwell 01:11:29.55Vegan runners ukFemaleMail Icon
Claire ThorntonFemaleMail Icon
Claire Thomas 01:01:23.36FemaleMail Icon
Clare Newby 01:00:43.43FemaleMail Icon
Clare Merrick 00:56:51.23FemaleMail Icon
Clare Rigby 01:08:07.54FemaleMail Icon
Colin Lea 01:10:41.80York Knavesmire HarriMaleMail Icon
Colin Mulholland 01:02:39.37MaleMail Icon
Colin Simpson 00:49:24.68MaleMail Icon
Colin Clayton 00:41:17.52Wakefield TriMaleMail Icon
Colm O'HaraDNSKippax HarriersMaleMail Icon
Connor Winham 00:48:17.60DSDMaleMail Icon
Conor HarrisonDNSSweatshopMaleMail Icon
Courtney WilliamsDNSFemaleMail Icon
Craig ParkerDNSMaleMail Icon
Craig Riley 00:47:15.18MaleMail Icon
Craig ChappellDNSMaleMail Icon
Dale Bedford 00:57:19.37RunnerMail Icon
Dan Cartwright 00:47:05.35RunnerMail Icon
Daniel Waas 00:50:34.15Hyde Park HarriersMaleMail Icon
Danny Ansley 00:52:07.43MaleMail Icon
Darran Ward 00:52:45.31MaleMail Icon
Darren Cartwright 00:41:53.13RunnerMail Icon
Darren Siberry 00:54:47.52MaleMail Icon
Darren Powell 01:08:51.76Sweatshop - CastlefordMaleMail Icon
Darren Maxwell 00:50:44.55Sweatshop castlefordMaleMail Icon
Darryl Willis 00:58:30.18MaleMail Icon
Daryl Jackson 00:52:20.10MaleMail Icon
Dave Potts 01:05:50.06MaleMail Icon
Dave Bickerton 00:48:44.76Methley stridersMaleMail Icon
Dave JacksonDNSMaleMail Icon
Dave Allison 01:02:10.35Ackworth Road RunnersMaleMail Icon
David Shaw 00:57:53.68Rodillian runnersMaleMail Icon
David BollonFylde Coast RunnersMaleMail Icon
David HobmanDNSMaleMail Icon
David Burrows 00:41:23.20Northern masters acMaleMail Icon
David Keniwell 01:04:00.23MaleMail Icon
David DartonYork Knavesmire HarriMaleMail Icon
David Brookes 00:50:27.98MaleMail Icon
David Morris 00:54:17.57MaleMail Icon
David Caddick 00:43:04.52MaleMail Icon
David Powell 01:10:25.71MaleMail Icon
David Towler 00:42:47.80MaleMail Icon
David Thornton 00:47:16.76Spenborough A.CMaleMail Icon
Dawn Hayes 00:59:06.20FemaleMail Icon
Dawn Pycroft 01:01:02.63FemaleMail Icon
Dean Hewitt 00:56:51.93MaleMail Icon
Dean Giles 00:46:03.69MaleMail Icon
Dean Smith 00:59:37.01South Leeds LakersMaleMail Icon
Debbie ClancyDNSFemaleMail Icon
Debbie Sayers 00:56:21.86FemaleMail Icon
Deborah Poxton 01:19:35.77FemaleMail Icon
Derbhle Gould 00:52:46.74FemaleMail Icon
Diane Wilks 01:10:22.83FemaleMail Icon
Donna Foster 01:02:39.49FemaleMail Icon
Doug ArmitageDNSMaleMail Icon
Duane Sutton 00:52:29.12MaleMail Icon
Duncan Saul 01:04:38.01MaleMail Icon
Dylan Blay-Robbins 01:33:01.35KLM HOMECARESMaleMail Icon
Elizabeth Deakin 00:57:01.98FemaleMail Icon
Elizabeth Drury 00:52:44.09FemaleMail Icon
Elle Jones 00:57:37.27FemaleMail Icon
Ellen Tadman 00:48:15.14FemaleMail Icon
Ellen Thompson 01:04:34.75FemaleMail Icon
Ellie KitchenDNSBingley harriersFemaleMail Icon
Ellie Foster 01:03:30.08FemaleMail Icon
Elspeth Taylor 01:04:12.03FemaleMail Icon
Emily SpinkFemaleMail Icon
Emily Scanlon 01:22:05.09N/AFemaleMail Icon
Emma Briggs 01:07:24.16FemaleMail Icon
Emma Smith 01:24:49.49FemaleMail Icon
Emma Lockwood 01:02:13.07FemaleMail Icon
Emma Lister 00:51:46.92FemaleMail Icon
Emma Petrie 00:51:07.77FemaleMail Icon
Emma Ikin 01:09:52.87FemaleMail Icon
Emma Jackson 01:07:50.58FemaleMail Icon
Emma Wyard 00:59:34.89FemaleMail Icon
Emma Wallace 01:03:17.22Valley StridersFemaleMail Icon
Emma Tune 00:45:07.83Goole Viking StridersFemaleMail Icon
Erin Harpham 01:22:42.12FemaleMail Icon
Ethan Kershaw 00:41:18.84MaleMail Icon
F Pinnington 01:38:42.00FemaleMail Icon
Fay Bird 00:54:06.62Fallen Angels!FemaleMail Icon
Faye SmithDNSkinsgstoneFemaleMail Icon
Felix KeenaDNSMaleMail Icon
Fiona StonesDNSFemaleMail Icon
Fizan Ashraf 01:13:02.63MaleMail Icon
Francesca Berry 01:22:26.56FemaleMail Icon
Gail Thwaite 01:20:03.66SweatshopFemaleMail Icon
Gareth Penny 00:53:18.52MaleMail Icon
Gareth Athorn 01:10:55.14MaleMail Icon
Gareth Ryder 00:50:58.48MaleMail Icon
Garreth Duggan 00:48:32.33MaleMail Icon
Gary Jones 00:45:52.76MaleMail Icon
Gary Hughes 00:53:08.55MaleMail Icon
Gary Shaw 00:50:19.99Kingstone runnersMaleMail Icon
Gary Moxon 00:55:14.19Pontefract ACMaleMail Icon
Gary Smith 00:52:16.02MaleMail Icon
Gary White 00:45:26.56MaleMail Icon
Ged Peacock 00:54:03.43Otley ACMaleMail Icon
Gemma Vernon 01:02:53.20Selby StridersFemaleMail Icon
Gemma WaymanDNSCometsFemaleMail Icon
Gemma Ward 01:21:08.07Doncaster Athletic ClFemaleMail Icon
Geoffrey Howard 00:45:24.18Ilkley HarriersMaleMail Icon
George Slack 01:00:41.50MaleMail Icon
George Watson 00:52:19.66MaleMail Icon
Georgie KiddDNSAckworth Road RunnersFemaleMail Icon
Gina Brondel 01:08:37.99FemaleMail Icon
Glen Johnson 00:38:43.45St TheresasMaleMail Icon
Glynn Mortimer 00:50:56.48DSDMaleMail Icon
Graham Pinder 00:57:12.46MaleMail Icon
Guy Close 00:37:28.28Wetherby RunnersMaleMail Icon
Hannah Nicholson 01:10:54.01FemaleMail Icon
Hannah GurdinDNSFemaleMail Icon
Harry JamesMaleMail Icon
Harry DobsonMaleMail Icon
Hayley Hawthorne 01:10:07.66FemaleMail Icon
Hazel Pearse 01:09:37.00FemaleMail Icon
Hazel Elimlahi 01:06:16.85FemaleMail Icon
Heather Gordon 00:50:55.05Crofton TrottersFemaleMail Icon
Heidi Quigley 00:45:54.88Barnsley ACFemaleMail Icon
Helen Lonsdale 01:07:12.66FemaleMail Icon
Helen HartleyDNSFemaleMail Icon
Helen Nuttall 00:42:44.81Holmfirth HarriersFemaleMail Icon
Helen SmithDNSFemaleMail Icon
Helen Gordon 01:06:45.79Crofton TrottersFemaleMail Icon
Helen ReevellDNSPocklingtonFemaleMail Icon
Helen Graham 01:08:33.13FemaleMail Icon
Hugh Allen 00:44:44.42Wakefield HarriersMaleMail Icon
Iain Woodrow 00:48:41.56MaleMail Icon
Ian Harrison 00:36:33.16RunnerMail Icon
Ian Wilks 00:48:28.80MaleMail Icon
Ian Buday 00:50:07.74MaleMail Icon
Ian McElhinney 00:50:51.18MaleMail Icon
Ian Richardson 00:36:41.35Wakefield District HaMaleMail Icon
Ian Rodley 01:01:21.50Leeds FrontrunnersMaleMail Icon
Ian LinleyDNSvegan ukMaleMail Icon
Ian KayMaleMail Icon
Ian Robert Wilson 00:56:23.90ACKWORTH ROAD RUNNERSMaleMail Icon
Imogen Sutcliffe 01:18:03.78FemaleMail Icon
Isabelle MacNivenDNSFemaleMail Icon
Isabelle BrookeFemaleMail Icon
Jackie Russell 00:49:03.80Methley StridersFemaleMail Icon
Jacqueline Ingleson 01:14:30.97FemaleMail Icon
Jacqui Coleyshaw 01:11:58.53FemaleMail Icon
Jade Simons 00:53:48.26FemaleMail Icon
Jade Louhichi 01:00:53.11FemaleMail Icon
James MacBethDNSMaleMail Icon
James Hare 00:38:35.10MaleMail Icon
James Naylor 01:35:20.80MaleMail Icon
James Penny 00:58:51.85MaleMail Icon
James Hodgson 00:47:06.77MaleMail Icon
James Davies 00:45:17.85MaleMail Icon
James MiddlebrookMaleMail Icon
James Davey 00:51:25.35SRC Sweatshop RunningMaleMail Icon
James Wright 00:38:16.16Knaresborough StridersMaleMail Icon
James Williamson 00:40:56.35Goole Viking StridersMaleMail Icon
James WilliamsSRCMaleMail Icon
Jamie Cording 00:43:18.55MaleMail Icon
Jan Green 00:56:29.66Holt RunnersFemaleMail Icon
Jane Anne RichardsDNSFemaleMail Icon
Janet De Mello 01:37:16.64FemaleMail Icon
Janet Mitchell 01:09:34.69Sweatshop CastlefordFemaleMail Icon
Janine Brown 00:50:41.39Barnsley HarriersFemaleMail Icon
Janine Lumby 01:10:07.22FemaleMail Icon
Jason BrantDNSMaleMail Icon
Jay Faulkner 00:41:17.34MaleMail Icon
Jazzmyn Chapman 00:49:01.28FemaleMail Icon
Jenn Fletcher 01:00:55.39FemaleMail Icon
Jennie Perkins 00:54:15.29FemaleMail Icon
Jenny Rayne 00:53:12.43FemaleMail Icon
Jessica Rushton 01:04:58.53FemaleMail Icon
Jessica Mulligan 01:15:32.99FemaleMail Icon
Jessica HoltDNSFemaleMail Icon
Jez BarnesDNSMaleMail Icon
Jinder Dulay 01:16:03.10MaleMail Icon
Jo Hollis 01:05:57.69FemaleMail Icon
Jo Day 01:08:10.70FemaleMail Icon
Jo Yendell 00:53:38.67Methley StridersFemaleMail Icon
Joanna Ekers 01:39:42.13FemaleMail Icon
Joanne ConroyPontefract Athletics FemaleMail Icon
Joanne Harpham 01:02:55.71Selby stridersFemaleMail Icon
Joanne Jones 01:10:24.44FemaleMail Icon
Joanne Owens 00:56:30.13FemaleMail Icon
Joanne Lee 01:23:02.33Run Mummy RunFemaleMail Icon
Jody Roberts 01:01:53.32FemaleMail Icon
Jody Murphy 00:58:51.46Richard Kendall EstatMaleMail Icon
Joe Sagar 00:33:43.50spenbroughMaleMail Icon
John Moore 00:49:57.73Halifax HarriersMaleMail Icon
John McCusker 00:49:47.91MaleMail Icon
John Pritchett 00:41:28.58East Hull HarriersMaleMail Icon
John Playforth 00:50:52.90MaleMail Icon
John Hamilton 00:39:44.85MaleMail Icon
John Bates 00:45:13.24Pontefract ACMaleMail Icon
John DavidsonDNSMaleMail Icon
John Simpson 01:01:23.17MaleMail Icon
John Davis 00:50:18.50MaleMail Icon
John Hoban 01:07:00.06MaleMail Icon
John Wallace 00:48:06.16Valley StridersMaleMail Icon
John Taylor 00:55:05.59MaleMail Icon
John VigursDNSStadium RunnersMaleMail Icon
John Walker 00:56:52.17MaleMail Icon
John (Snr) Riley 00:49:09.70MaleMail Icon
Johnathan FranksDNSMaleMail Icon
Jonathan Machin 00:54:55.14MaleMail Icon
Jonathan Abel 00:36:28.20West 4 HarriersMaleMail Icon
Jonathan Gratton 00:50:19.94Kingstone Runners BarMaleMail Icon
Jonathan Webb & Family 00:53:02.43MaleMail Icon
Jonathan Webb 00:46:34.40MaleMail Icon
Jordan Wardlaw 01:20:10.41MaleMail Icon
Jordan ChadwickDNSMaleMail Icon
Joseph Wardman 01:04:24.05MaleMail Icon
Josh JaquesSarah JaquesMaleMail Icon
Joshua Redshaw 01:04:27.93MaleMail Icon
Julia Musoke-Duggan 00:52:25.09Acre Street RunnersFemaleMail Icon
Julia Thomas 01:37:16.35FemaleMail Icon
Julie Tuke 00:55:53.59FemaleMail Icon
Julie Walker 00:59:31.88FemaleMail Icon
Julie Downes 00:59:15.97FemaleMail Icon
Julie Powell 01:11:38.97FemaleMail Icon
Julie Robinson 01:11:00.92Sweatshop CastlefordFemaleMail Icon
Julie Ruby 01:01:58.20Pontefract Athletics FemaleMail Icon
June Kelly 00:59:10.97SweatshopFemaleMail Icon
Karen Ferrier 01:01:48.89Sweatshop Running ComFemaleMail Icon
Karen BudrysDNSFemaleMail Icon
Karen Horton 00:58:18.20Rothwell Harriers & ACFemaleMail Icon
Karl Shearer 00:47:54.20MaleMail Icon
Kate WilsonDNSFemaleMail Icon
Katherine Ward 01:02:53.60Team ManversFemaleMail Icon
Katherine Simpson 01:05:08.89FemaleMail Icon
Kathryn Lee 01:06:37.39FemaleMail Icon
Kathryn LawFemaleMail Icon
Katie Robinson 00:57:57.49FemaleMail Icon
Katie Morton 01:05:00.39FemaleMail Icon
Katie Morritt 00:56:56.83FemaleMail Icon
Katrina ThompsonDNSFemaleMail Icon
Katy Moffatt 01:30:47.04klm homecaresFemaleMail Icon
Kayleigh Hopkinson 01:03:54.46FemaleMail Icon
Kealy Flanagan 01:01:47.83FemaleMail Icon
Keele-Anne Ward 00:59:11.12FemaleMail Icon
Keely Duggan 01:21:15.99Fallen AngelsFemaleMail Icon
Keith Littlewood 00:38:41.46Barnsley Athletic ClubMaleMail Icon
Keith Allan 00:53:19.33MaleMail Icon
Keith Graham 00:57:47.83MaleMail Icon
Ken Poyner 00:50:49.13MaleMail Icon
Ken Harrison 01:07:17.57Sweatshop CastlefordMaleMail Icon
Kerry Dargan 01:03:48.11FemaleMail Icon
Kerry Murphy 00:53:59.21FemaleMail Icon
Kerry Prout 01:05:03.78FemaleMail Icon
Kerry Hunter 00:58:21.94FemaleMail Icon
Kerry Carter 00:56:48.21RunnerMail Icon
Kevin Patrick 01:07:23.91MaleMail Icon
Kieron Reed 00:36:39.98PenistoneMaleMail Icon
Kim Riley 01:04:49.89FemaleMail Icon
Kirk Buxton 00:58:54.54MaleMail Icon
Kirsten Alexander 00:52:12.54FemaleMail Icon
Kirsty Naylor 00:50:47.74Thirsk and sowerby haFemaleMail Icon
Kris Weston 00:55:42.15MaleMail Icon
Kriss Roberts 00:48:17.59MaleMail Icon
Kristofer Burton 00:46:28.78MaleMail Icon
Laura Sparrow 00:58:31.74FemaleMail Icon
Laura DixonDNSFemaleMail Icon
Laura Heeson 00:53:47.80FemaleMail Icon
Laura Bennett 01:02:21.73FemaleMail Icon
Laura Beedle 01:02:21.75FemaleMail Icon
Laura Singleton 01:02:04.86FemaleMail Icon
Laura Thornton 00:49:18.86FemaleMail Icon
Lauren Singh 01:02:13.83Selby stridersFemaleMail Icon
Leanne West-Wilson 01:05:07.54SweatshopFemaleMail Icon
Lee Woodwards 00:55:14.95South Yorkshire policMaleMail Icon
Lee Allen 00:59:05.32MaleMail Icon
Lee Silburn 00:44:21.95MaleMail Icon
Lee Johnson 00:59:18.91Richard Kendall EstatMaleMail Icon
Lee Barker 00:40:38.96rothwell harriersMaleMail Icon
Lee RossDNSMaleMail Icon
Lee Ross 00:59:16.18MaleMail Icon
Len Shepard 01:02:01.34RunnerMail Icon
Lesley White 01:12:44.29PontefractFemaleMail Icon
Lewis Butterfield 00:52:06.38MaleMail Icon
Liam Moore-McCloskey 00:46:47.62MaleMail Icon
Lianna ParginDNSFemaleMail Icon
Linda Hoult 01:18:44.23Methley StridersFemaleMail Icon
Lindsay Brown 01:15:28.72FemaleMail Icon
Lindsey Khan 00:59:44.99Sweatshop Run ClubFemaleMail Icon
Lindsey Glenville 00:58:52.78Selby StridersFemaleMail Icon
Lisa Kellett 01:02:21.05FemaleMail Icon
Lisa Ashton 00:55:58.90FemaleMail Icon
Lisa Payne 01:12:19.55Ackworth Road RunnersFemaleMail Icon
Lisa Brown 00:57:57.10FemaleMail Icon
Lisa Griffiths 01:01:04.75FemaleMail Icon
Lisa Ann O'Keeffe 00:41:32.12Northern Masters ACFemaleMail Icon
Liz Marsden 01:19:53.39FemaleMail Icon
Lorraine Evans 01:01:46.27FemaleMail Icon
Lorraine MacHin 01:09:50.67FemaleMail Icon
Lorraine WilbyDNSFemaleMail Icon
Louisa DeardenDNSFemaleMail Icon
Louise SmithDNSFemaleMail Icon
Louise O'ReillyFemaleMail Icon
Louise O'MarrDNSAckworth Road RunnersFemaleMail Icon
Louise Hetherington 01:09:08.50FemaleMail Icon
Louise Adele Gordon 01:06:36.56Crofton trottersFemaleMail Icon
Lousie EdwardsDNSSweatshopFemaleMail Icon
Lucy Horobin 01:21:42.65FemaleMail Icon
Lucy Illingworth 00:58:53.97FemaleMail Icon
Lucy HattonWakefield Running MamFemaleMail Icon
Luke Illingworth 00:40:17.05MaleMail Icon
Luke Hilton 00:54:28.88MaleMail Icon
Madylin Ekers 01:04:58.60FemaleMail Icon
Maggie Hawksworth 00:58:04.61Ackworth Road RunnersFemaleMail Icon
Mair Tunstall 01:01:30.89FemaleMail Icon
Mandy Morley 01:02:38.10FemaleMail Icon
Margaret Lord 01:20:38.96Richard Kendall EstatFemaleMail Icon
Margaret Thompson 01:00:37.11FemaleMail Icon
Marie Linley 01:01:43.00FemaleMail Icon
Mark Rawnsley 00:45:36.85MaleMail Icon
Mark Reynolds 00:53:35.75MaleMail Icon
Mark SmithDNSSpenborough & DistricMaleMail Icon
Mark SmithDNSMaleMail Icon
Mark BradshawDNSMaleMail Icon
Mark CooperDNSMaleMail Icon
Mark Kilbride 00:49:09.38Wakefield Triathlon CMaleMail Icon
Mark RotherforthDNSMaleMail Icon
Mark Rodgers 00:52:24.81Wakefield Triathlon CMaleMail Icon
Mark Jones 00:37:40.53MaleMail Icon
Mark Tomlinson 00:53:35.86MaleMail Icon
Mark Wood 00:39:20.08BACMaleMail Icon
Martin Symons 00:51:22.94MaleMail Icon
Martin Snell 00:52:34.75MaleMail Icon
Martin Crompton 01:01:42.94MaleMail Icon
Martin SharpDNSMaleMail Icon
Mason BoothMaleMail Icon
Mat Kelly 00:45:58.86Rothwell HarriersMaleMail Icon
Matt Hopes 00:47:21.29MaleMail Icon
Matt Lloyd 00:52:35.55MaleMail Icon
Matthew Kidd 00:54:04.85Methley StridersMaleMail Icon
Matthew Horton 01:10:18.88Rothwell Harriers & ACMaleMail Icon
Matthew ShiresDNSMaleMail Icon
Matthew Parker- Haim 00:59:20.02Rothwell Harriers & ACMaleMail Icon
Matthew Tebb 00:48:51.93MaleMail Icon
Matthew White 00:47:12.81MaleMail Icon
Matthew West 01:00:53.53MaleMail Icon
Mel Blackburn 01:01:54.25Methely StridersFemaleMail Icon
Mel MacKell 01:01:01.77FemaleMail Icon
Melanie Johns 01:04:41.52FemaleMail Icon
Melanie Leeming 01:04:37.54Sweatshop CastlefordFemaleMail Icon
Melanie Allen 01:13:17.71FemaleMail Icon
Melanie Elizabeth France 01:08:53.99FemaleMail Icon
Melissa Mountford 00:56:13.86FemaleMail Icon
Melissa Watson 00:50:44.45FemaleMail Icon
Michael Alexander 00:52:12.92MaleMail Icon
Michael GoldstoneDNSMaleMail Icon
Michael Roberts 00:52:17.52MaleMail Icon
Michael KellyDNSVegan Runners UKMaleMail Icon
Michael Keedy 00:38:30.37MaleMail Icon
Michael ParkerDNSMaleMail Icon
Michelle GoodallDNSFemaleMail Icon
Mike AddinellMaleMail Icon
Mike Ellison 01:03:02.66MaleMail Icon
Mike Toop 00:52:46.00MaleMail Icon
Millie Harbottle 00:57:17.67Richard Kendall EstatFemaleMail Icon
Mitchell Law 00:45:38.94MaleMail Icon
Molly Cawthorn 00:40:14.33FemaleMail Icon
Monika Majka 01:08:55.75FemaleMail Icon
Monika SmithDNSFemaleMail Icon
Nairn WoodDNSMaleMail Icon
Natalie Brunyee 00:55:14.65FemaleMail Icon
Natalie Downes 01:07:29.91FemaleMail Icon
Nathan Doy 00:41:50.22MaleMail Icon
Nathan Anderson 01:14:27.76MaleMail Icon
Nathan White 00:50:15.97MaleMail Icon
Neil TowseDNSMaleMail Icon
Neil Lorriman 00:51:32.26MaleMail Icon
Neil Applebee 01:04:55.92MaleMail Icon
Neil Greenwood 00:41:16.21MaleMail Icon
Neil Hartley 00:43:09.82MaleMail Icon
Neil Pimblott 01:02:37.23MaleMail Icon
Neil Gomersall 00:42:30.73MaleMail Icon
Niall Smith 00:36:53.26Halifax Harriers A . CMaleMail Icon
Nicholad Hall 01:02:52.78MaleMail Icon
Nick Harrison 00:55:14.07Newark stridersMaleMail Icon
Nicky McGroarty 00:53:15.29Methley StridersFemaleMail Icon
Nicky StubbsDNSMaleMail Icon
Nicky Busby 00:57:50.86FemaleMail Icon
Nicky Pashley 01:01:19.77FemaleMail Icon
Nicky MooreDNSRondaĆ¢_Ts MacmillanMaleMail Icon
Nicky Harris 01:20:15.04FemaleMail Icon
Nicola Eyre 00:51:45.16Methley StridersFemaleMail Icon
Nicola Amos 00:59:28.08FemaleMail Icon
Nicola Jones 00:47:27.96Rodillian RunnersFemaleMail Icon
Nicola Kidd 01:18:26.71Methley StridersFemaleMail Icon
Nigel Morris 00:48:29.17MaleMail Icon
Nikita Porter 01:25:45.04FemaleMail Icon
Nikkie Addy 01:26:30.08FemaleMail Icon
Olivia Simposon 01:00:09.11FemaleMail Icon
Olivia Barlow 00:49:52.11FemaleMail Icon
Patricia Daniels 01:16:09.90FemaleMail Icon
Paul Riva 01:00:25.75MaleMail Icon
Paul HellewellMaleMail Icon
Paul DanbyDNSAckworth Road RunnersMaleMail Icon
Paul BraithwaiteDNSMaleMail Icon
Paul MoranDNSMaleMail Icon
Paul Dawson 00:51:22.38MaleMail Icon
Paul McCann 00:59:03.01MaleMail Icon
Paul JobsonDNSMaleMail Icon
Paul Robinson 00:53:02.29MaleMail Icon
Paul WilliamsMaleMail Icon
Paula Goldthorpe 00:59:59.49FemaleMail Icon
Pauline UnderwoodDNSFemaleMail Icon
Paulius AndrakusMaleMail Icon
Penny Taylor 01:15:37.21FemaleMail Icon
Peter McEvoy 00:47:08.24denby daleMaleMail Icon
Peter Shields 00:49:03.19Ilkley Harriers ACMaleMail Icon
Phil Ikin 00:54:54.57MaleMail Icon
Phil McMahon 00:49:45.05Roberttown Road RunneMaleMail Icon
Philip BennettDNSMaleMail Icon
Philip Robinson 00:50:16.19philip robinsonMaleMail Icon
Rachael Purushothaman 01:06:32.71FemaleMail Icon
Rachael Hallas 00:53:06.32FemaleMail Icon
Rachael Foreman 00:57:29.48Methley stridersFemaleMail Icon
Rachel France 01:00:27.20FemaleMail Icon
Rachel Siddall 00:48:34.14FemaleMail Icon
Rachel Place 00:59:28.91FemaleMail Icon
Rachel Barrington 01:04:45.59FemaleMail Icon
Rachel Asquith 01:03:03.10FemaleMail Icon
Rachel Cooke 00:52:14.68Ackworth Road RunnersFemaleMail Icon
Rae GouldDNSMaleMail Icon
Raj Dulay 01:11:24.86Sweatshop CastlefordMaleMail Icon
Rebecca KnightDNSFemaleMail Icon
Rebecca Aspin 01:03:31.31FemaleMail Icon
Rebecca Shaw 01:12:18.17FemaleMail Icon
Rebecca Dooley 00:52:50.28FemaleMail Icon
Rebecca Jones 01:12:16.94FemaleMail Icon
Richard HallasDNSMaleMail Icon
Richard HepworthMaleMail Icon
Richard Sanger 00:54:14.62Sarah SangerMaleMail Icon
Richard CookeMaleMail Icon
Richard EverettDNSMaleMail Icon
Richard HaywardMaleMail Icon
Richard HumphreyMaleMail Icon
Richard Leech 00:48:33.73MaleMail Icon
Richard Miller 00:51:26.43Tadcaster HarriersMaleMail Icon
Richard Crawshaw 00:55:38.87MaleMail Icon
Richard Hatton 00:55:35.31MaleMail Icon
Richard Wood 00:53:07.44Roberttown Road RunneMaleMail Icon
Richard White 00:46:09.16MaleMail Icon
Rickesh Miyangar 00:55:51.88MaleMail Icon
Rob Scott 00:59:27.50MaleMail Icon
Robert Kirk 00:57:38.41MaleMail Icon
Robert Pursley 00:49:43.97Kingstone RunnersMaleMail Icon
Robert Page 00:48:07.20MaleMail Icon
Robert McLaughlin 00:44:42.48MaleMail Icon
Robert Allen 00:56:44.64MaleMail Icon
Robert Chambers 00:44:13.69RunnerMail Icon
Robyn Cuthbert 01:06:41.95FemaleMail Icon
Rosie Forster 00:52:47.26FemaleMail Icon
Ross ChristieDNSGatesheadMaleMail Icon
Ruth Roche 01:12:12.71FemaleMail Icon
Ruth Draisey 00:44:34.49FemaleMail Icon
Ruth Houlder 01:07:28.56Wakefield Tri ClubFemaleMail Icon
Sadie Appleyard 00:48:53.39South Leeds lakersFemaleMail Icon
Sadie Eyre 01:03:33.70FemaleMail Icon
Sajid Ali 01:24:15.59MaleMail Icon
Sam Chester 01:24:17.16FemaleMail Icon
Samantha Kenyon 00:58:51.92FemaleMail Icon
Samantha HaganDNSFemaleMail Icon
Samantha Rowley 01:04:25.21St Theresa's AthleticFemaleMail Icon
Samantha IvesFemaleMail Icon
Samantha Allen 01:09:21.64FemaleMail Icon
Sara Blay-Robbins 01:01:28.84KLM HOMECARESFemaleMail Icon
Sara Bowers 01:06:06.36st theresas athletic FemaleMail Icon
Sarah Box 00:55:30.18FemaleMail Icon
Sarah Mason 00:57:49.26Selby StridersFemaleMail Icon
Sarah MulhallDNSFemaleMail Icon
Sarah Hill 00:59:44.78Knaresborough StridersFemaleMail Icon
Sarah Roche 01:09:50.27FemaleMail Icon
Sarah Howley 00:45:47.80FemaleMail Icon
Sarah Mulpetre 00:57:54.82Stuart MulpetreFemaleMail Icon
Sarah Parker 01:06:17.21FemaleMail Icon
Sarah Murden 01:13:40.54FemaleMail Icon
Sarah HancockDNSFemaleMail Icon
Sarah BatesSteel City StridersFemaleMail Icon
Sarah Powala 01:11:05.70Green Army RunnersFemaleMail Icon
Sarah Whiteman 01:19:29.68South Leeds LakersFemaleMail Icon
Sarah Walker 01:06:56.14FemaleMail Icon
Sarah-Jane Gannon 01:04:49.38FemaleMail Icon
Scott WilkinsonDNSMaleMail Icon
Scott Walker 01:06:57.94MaleMail Icon
Sean Piper 00:48:39.79MaleMail Icon
Sean HubyDNSMaleMail Icon
Sean Mahon 00:44:44.58MaleMail Icon
Selina Wray 00:59:41.79FemaleMail Icon
Sharna Poxon 01:03:44.60FemaleMail Icon
Sharon RipponDNSFemaleMail Icon
Shaun McKee 00:43:37.77MaleMail Icon
Shaun Tunstall 00:49:25.70MaleMail Icon
Simon Walker 00:49:06.62MaleMail Icon
Simon Moran 00:53:46.21MaleMail Icon
Simon FirthDNSMaleMail Icon
Simon Edwards Barber 00:41:03.26Ackworth Road RunnersMaleMail Icon
Simon Newton 00:35:45.73Simon NewtonMaleMail Icon
Simon Edwards 00:54:30.13MaleMail Icon
Simon Spracklen 00:55:17.71MaleMail Icon
Simon Kendall 00:39:17.11MaleMail Icon
Simon Heald 00:48:27.50MaleMail Icon
Sonya HawleyDNSFemaleMail Icon
Sophie DunhillDNSFemaleMail Icon
Stacey Parker 00:53:21.63FemaleMail Icon
Stacey GouldDNSFemaleMail Icon
Stacey WilliamsDNSMethley stridersFemaleMail Icon
Stacie Ashworth 01:02:35.60Pudsey Pacers RCFemaleMail Icon
Stephanie Coop 00:50:54.06FemaleMail Icon
Stephanie Teanby-Clark 01:08:49.42FemaleMail Icon
Stephen Wagstaff 00:47:44.96MaleMail Icon
Stephen Morland 00:39:58.05Knaresborough StridersMaleMail Icon
Stephen Southern 00:48:03.50MaleMail Icon
Stephen BrookQueensbury Running ClMaleMail Icon
Stephen McGuire 00:47:50.08MaleMail Icon
Stephen Irving 01:02:19.82MaleMail Icon
Stephen Knowles 00:53:11.02MaleMail Icon
Stephen Smales 01:11:08.37MaleMail Icon
Stephen Garman 00:55:24.70MaleMail Icon
Steve Rycroft 01:03:40.08MaleMail Icon
Steve Lowe 00:36:23.56Pontefract ACMaleMail Icon
Steve HaywoodDNSMaleMail Icon
Steve Conroy 00:51:01.09Pontefract ACMaleMail Icon
Steve Gallagher 00:53:04.35Askern District RCMaleMail Icon
Steve Richards 00:49:22.05MaleMail Icon
Stewart McGough 00:44:44.61MaleMail Icon
Stuart Hutchinson 00:44:47.57MaleMail Icon
Stuart StruttDNSMaleMail Icon
Stuart Gordon 01:01:28.85Crofton TrottersMaleMail Icon
Stuart Roberts 00:58:37.27MaleMail Icon
Sue Pumford 01:01:23.73FemaleMail Icon
Susan Lord 01:18:43.76Methley stridersFemaleMail Icon
Susan Chan 00:58:23.86FemaleMail Icon
Susan Tuite 01:38:32.26FemaleMail Icon
Terence Price 00:48:08.98Selby StridersMaleMail Icon
Teresa Fitzgerald 00:58:53.27FemaleMail Icon
Terri Fox 00:51:47.44FemaleMail Icon
Thomas McMaster 01:05:29.20MaleMail Icon
Thomas EllisDNSMaleMail Icon
Tim Kitching 00:50:02.57MaleMail Icon
Tim Heneghan 00:48:04.49Selby StridersMaleMail Icon
Tim Pocock 00:46:56.42Ripon RunnersMaleMail Icon
Tim Abel 00:38:36.50MaleMail Icon
Timothy Lashford 00:44:54.16MaleMail Icon
Tony Pearson 00:50:21.49MaleMail Icon
Tony Wright 00:48:08.13MaleMail Icon
Tracey Meadows 00:54:02.79Selby StridersFemaleMail Icon
Tracey Mearns 01:08:04.63FemaleMail Icon
Tracey Shillito 01:16:59.69FemaleMail Icon
Tracey Buxton 00:57:53.92FemaleMail Icon
Tracy Rawnsley 00:54:15.18FemaleMail Icon
Unknown GuestDNSFemaleMail Icon
Vanessa Ruddock 00:52:41.70FemaleMail Icon
Vicky Elswood-Smith 01:01:16.42FemaleMail Icon
Victoria Johnson 01:09:52.57South Cheshire HarrieFemaleMail Icon
Victoria Eaton 01:08:50.65FemaleMail Icon
Victoria Richardson 01:10:20.00FemaleMail Icon
Vitoria McGuinn 00:56:10.59RunnerMail Icon
Wayne Gardiner 00:43:00.57Goole Viking StridersMaleMail Icon
Will HunterDNSMaleMail Icon
William McGahey 00:55:57.67MaleMail Icon
Yousuf Khan 00:59:18.37MaleMail Icon
Zack Thomad 00:55:53.86MaleMail Icon
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